To schedule parties: Call in advance to reserve the "party room" (small to medium parties) or the back part of the dining room (large parties). Please have an estimate of the number of people attending. Person reserving the party receives 10% off the regular price of their order. Party times are scheduled for 2 hours unless a longer time is requested and if the area is available.

Both rooms have windows into the Kid Power room for easy view of children. Rooms may be decorated with any theme as long as they don't mark the walls or any surface. Piñatas are not allowed for the safety of other children.

You may bring cake, cupcakes, ice cream, and party treats. You may not bring any other food or drinks!

Cleanup after the party: 
Since we do not charge for our party room, we ask that you leave the area as clean as possible. We have trash bags for party wrapping, etc. Let us know what you need.